6 Most beautiful cottages in India

6 Most beautiful cottages in India

6 Most beautiful cottages in India, Cottage visits in India for a special holiday.

01. Your space of solace

We are frequently looking for that excellent holiday but do not know what we require, or how to go around it. We think one of the best ways to experience a perfect holiday is to book a cottage and enjoy in solitary bliss,

6 Most beautiful cottages in India
6 Most beautiful cottages in India

perhaps with a few of your best people. So here we are with the top five great cottage stays in India. Whatever it is that you want, the one thing that you are sure to get here is intimacy.

​02. The English Cottage, Darjeeling

Far away from any corporate agenda is this beautiful cottage owned by the lovely Mr and Mrs Plant, The English Cottage could be your place of solace. Located on Hermitage Road, the cottage is something out of a fairy-tale.

6 Most beautiful cottages in India

You can book the entire place, which would mean booking 4 bedrooms with attached bathrooms. Or you could book one room or two rooms. It is something extraordinary, and you will never want to return!

​03. Treetops Cottages, Manali

Treetops Cottages, Manali
6 Most beautiful cottages in India

Yet another great option in Manali, if you like your privacy, then we recommend this wonderful cottage stay. You can take your pick from the following options – Bangloo (with three bedrooms); Penthouse (with two bedrooms); Corner House (with two bedrooms); Studio (with one bedroom); Valley Side (with one bedroom); and Hill Side (with one bedroom). Enjoy a world of great amenities set amidst serene mountainside, and of course if it snows you get a bonus!

​04. Paatlidun Safari Lodge, Nainital

You are in for an amazing adventure here close to the famous Jim Corbett National Park, at Paatlidun Safari Lodge. Sheer pleasure for wildlife enthusiasts, the Paatlidun Safari Lodge has cottages in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by unspoilt nature.

Paatlidun Safari Lodge, Nainital

This is the closest you can get to Jim Corbett so expect to be thrilled. You have Premium Luxury Cottage, Luxury Cottage, and Bush Cottage. The property has some fine facilities, including a spa. Then there is the most exciting jeep safari experience that cannot be missed.

05. Foghills Manali Cottages, Manali

Cottage stays in Manali is all about a secluded sojourn, and Foghills Manali Cottages present some amazing options for guests. The beautiful hills surrounding your cottages would make you want to stay here forever, and there are quite a few amazing options.

6 Most beautiful cottages in India
6 Most beautiful cottages in India

Try the Bhanara Hills Camp for stupendous views of the surrounding mountains, and there are other options as well. With loads of amenities and amazing wooden interiors, this could be the most remarkable holiday destination for you.

​06. Side Cottage, Alibaug

An amazing option near Alibaug city, Sidz Cottage is located 6 km away from Alibaug at a place called Nagaon village. The beautiful little village near the Alibaug beach is something right out of a picture postcard. Side Bungalows are for large families, and they come with private lawns,

6 Most beautiful cottages in India

while Sidz Villas are best suited for romantic couples. With a host of amenities here, your stay is bound to be an eventful, and exciting one. You can visit the beach, and check out some historical buildings in Alibaug.

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