Famous hill stations of eastern ghats

Famous hill stations of eastern ghats

Famous hill stations of eastern ghats, Head To The Hill Stations In The Eastern Ghats And Adventures paradise. It is naturally consideration as to in which states accurately would the Eastern Ghats hill ranges in India are found.

Those constitute the states of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. It is a heaven for adventure as well as contains beautiful places to laze away your experience in total happiness. Catch a glimpse at the best hill stations of Eastern Ghats of India.

1) Deomali, Odisha

Famous hill stations of eastern ghats

Let’s talk about the most elevated mountain peak cradled in the Chandragiri-Pottangi subrange of the Eastern Ghats. Its location points to the Koraput town in the Koraput district of Southern Odisha.

Deomali Peak which is in closest proximity of Doodhari village is undoubtedly the highest peak present in the state! The impressive hillock and magnificent 5 km-long flat surfaces present with an ‘m’-the shaped peak is quite a picturesque representation of beauty.

Constantly visit the impressive hills during either the vacation or winter season. Inadequate roads could be a roadblock during the monsoon months and you will not like that.

2) Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh

The environment enthusiasts and experience buffs shall discover this place completely adorable. Araku Valley will give you this feeling of being surrounded by the mountain ranges of the Eastern Ghats at a heightened elevation of 2990 ft.

You should not drop out on fabulous sites of visitor attraction here like the Chaparai Waterfalls, Ananthagiri Hills, Padmapuram Botanical Gardens, Araku Tribal Museum as well as the Borra caves. Campari Waterfall is admired by yet another name which is Dumbriguda Falls.

It is one mesmerizing place which unfolds with sprawling greenery all around it. It is a lovely place to unwind with your friends and family and enjoy yourself to the fullest. The enchanting attraction of Ananthagiri Hills, remarkable 26 km away is a miniature little hill station embedded in between Araku and Vizag.

Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh
Famous hill stations of eastern ghats

It is an important hill station of Andhra Pradesh. Numerous coffee plantations and waterfalls add a fresh vibrancy to it amidst a hint of happiness. The Padmapuram Botanical Garden represents a significant role in Araku Valley’s history. You shall discover the most beguiling blossoms and impressive trees in this region that are extremely rare in any other place.

Did you know that this area served an essential purpose in the second world war as well? True, the fighters acquired their vegetable supplies from here. Although, the garden was later modified into a ravishing botanical garden which highlighted some alluring tree huts.

If you ever visit Vizag, then do not miss out on Borra Caves, it shall leave you spell-bounded. They are the massive caves in the country which are at an altitude of 705 m. Get a glimpse of this exotic beauty in the natural skylight and the caves made of karstic limestone shall leave you speechless!

3) Pachaimalai Hills, Tamil Nadu

Have you ever thought the beautiful hue of colours declaring the appearance of stunning hills? When its a fusion of Cornflower blue and Alenxadrite Green, its Pachaimalai Hills for you! Green stands for the charming hills while blue signifies the fascinate airs above. The greenery of the area is worth a million blessings and you know what is the most satisfying part?

Famous hill stations of eastern ghats

This hillock on the Eastern Ghats near Tiruchirapalli is an unexplored mystery to excite your adventurous spirit. Not to ignore the melodious tunes of the rivers Sweat and Kallar besides Koraiyar, Mangalam Aruvi and Mayii Uthu Falls.

4) Daringbadi, Odisha

Are you cognizant of the ‘Kashmir of Odisha’? It is an alluring hill station of the Eastern Ghats which shall leave you breathless by being almost 3000 ft above sea level! It is bordered by ravishing rain forests, lustrous coffee gardens as well as sparkling green valleys.

Daringbadi, Odisha
Famous hill stations of eastern ghats

It is located in the Kandhamal district of Odisha where the mercury generally swoops down to nought every chilly season. Awesome getaway from Bhubaneshwar, Kolkata and Vishakapatnam: it shall provide you with wisps of peace from the daily humdrum of life.

5) Garhjat Hills, Odisha

If we talk about these hills and see to the over, we shall come over the Chotanagpur Plateau in the arctic side, the Utkal plains in the eastern side, the Mahanadi basin or Chattisgarh plains in the west as well as the Eastern Ghats in the southern region. What makes those mesmerizing hills all the more unique?

Famous hill stations of eastern ghats

It includes crystalline rocks such as granites and gneisses that solicit back to the Archaean period. Another fascinating truth can be that it should the Talcher, Barakar and Kamathi range of rocks comprising shales and sandstones which lie in the Sambalpur and Dhei districts.

6) Papi Hills, Andhra Pradesh

When it comes to the Papi Hills, we shall define its location as an amalgamation of the Khammam district in Telangana and East Godavari and West Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh in India. Whatever the visitor places of fascination which shall guide you by wonder? It’s the temple devoted to the goddess named Gandipochamma.

Papi Hills, Andhra Pradesh
Famous hill stations of eastern ghats

Huts distinguished as Kolluru is present here, where you can rest and restore your soul as well as visit the Pamaleru Wagu where water flows down the hills. Tourists enjoy an amazing bath there and you shall also come over Polavaram which is a dam still under the process of development.

7) Shevaroy Hills, Tamil Nadu

Let us consider this marvellous hill in the north-central Tamil Nadu state of Southern India. The loftiest peaks are present on the south-western side at Sanyasimalai on the plateau of Yercaud. There is also aluminium-processing plants present at Mettur and Yeracud given the plentiful bauxite sediments present in the region.

Famous hill stations of eastern ghats

The plateau also does not miss out on the growth of coffee plantations which crops up on a wide scale. A British sheriff had fixed up a hill station at Yercaud in 1845, which presently enthusiastically flaunts an attractive resort and quite an essential educative centre.

8) Kalrayan Hills, Tamil Nadu

Let’s talk about these hills which are located in the Eastern Ghats and pull the Kaveri river basin to the south from the Palar river basin to the northern side. The hill here is extending from 2000 ft to 3000 ft and sprawling over an area of 1095 sq.km. Imagine sprinkling cold and scented water on your face on a hot, sunny day. Doesn’t the thought itself energise your senses?

Kalrayan Hills, Tamil Nadu
Famous hill stations of eastern ghats

The presence of Gomukhi dam, Megam and Periyar Falls cradles near the bottom of the hills give you that feeling of coolness. Trekkers and people who adore adventure shall love it here! An atmosphere of love, a delightful climate and beautiful botanical garden shall attract you here for sure!

9) Chitteri Hills, Tamil Nadu

When it appears to the Chitteri Hills, it is an interesting fusion of various types of vegetation such as the evergreen, the riparian, the dry mixed deciduous trees as well as the arid deciduous scrub and not to misremember the southern point scrub forests.

Famous hill stations of eastern ghats

The hills hurdle together to hold off a bunch of hills with involved ridges as well as valleys in the northeast and southwest directions, containing various narrow valleys such as Kellar, Varattar, Anaimaduvu and Kambalai.

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