List of the tallest dam in the world

List of the tallest dam in the world

List of the tallest dam in the world let’s take a look at the Top 5 Tallest Dams in the World.

1. Jinping-I Dam

List of the tallest dam in the world

It also identified as the Jinping-I Hydropower Station or (Jinping-1 Cascade), is a large curve dam on the Jinping Bend of the Yalong River in Liangshan, Sichuan, China. Development on the design began in 2005 and was completed in 2014.

The world’s top 5 dam list is headed by the Jinping – I Dam, built over China’s Yalong River. This magnificent concrete arch dam is 305 m high.

2. Nurek Dam

Nurek dam
List of the tallest dam in the world

The Nurek Dam is an earth-fill breakwater dam on the Vakhsh River in Tajikistan. Its main objective is hydroelectric power production and its power station has established the capacity of 3,015 MW. The building of the dam began in 1961 and the power station’s first generator was commissioned in 1972.

The next name in this list is the Nurek Dam, which is located in Tajikistan, a majestic earth filling dam type embankment. At an altitude of almost 304 m, this dam spans the Vaksh River. The dam-building began in 1961, while in 1980 the project was completed.

3. Xiaowan Dam

List of the tallest dam in the world

The Dam is an archway barrier on the Lancang River in Nanjing County, Yunnan Province, southwest China. The main determination of the dam is hydroelectric power generation and it helps a 4,200 MW power station.

The 292 m high Xiaowan Dam in China is next on the world’s top 5 dam list. The construction of this dam was completed between 2002 and 2010, in eight years. Built as an arch dam, it lies across the Mekong River and is the country’s main source of hydroelectric power.

4. Xiluodu Dam

Xiluodu Dam
List of the tallest dam in the world

The Xiluodu Dam is a curve dam on the Jinsha River, i.e. the topmost course of the Yangtze in China. It’s settled close to the city of Xiluodu in Yongshan County of state however the dam arises into Leibo County of Szechwan Province on the reverse aspect of the course.

The big Xiluodu Dam, which reaches the height of 285.5 m, is another dam from China to be included in the list. The Xiluodo Dam is built over the Jinsha Jiang River, a concrete arch building.

5. Grande Dixence Dam

List of the tallest dam in the world

The Grande Dixence Dam is a concrete gravity dam on the Dixence at the head of the Val d’Hérémence in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. At 285 m high, it is the tallest gravity dam in the world, the fifth tallest dam overall, and the tallest dam in Europe. It is part of the Cleuson-Dixence Complex.

The Grande Dixence Dam, with a height of 285 m, lives up to its name. This concrete gravity dam lies across Switzerland’s River Dixence and is a source of hydro-electric power for four power plants. Also, it is the earth’s highest dam of gravity.

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